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Designer Bio

I am a Senior at the University of Texas and will graduate as a design major in 2024.  I’m skilled at developing creative concepts and generating ideas by combining things that are not alike into new strong concepts. My graphic design work includes logos, magazines, book covers, and illustrations.  ​My design is driven by connecting my work to my personal experience and interest. My interests include psychology, diverse culture, sustainability, and fashion which are evident in my design.

I have lived in two different countries, allowing me to speak 3 languages fluently. This helped me become open-minded to new perspectives and ideas, knowledgeable about the different parts of the world, and learn to find a balance between my two cultural backgrounds. In my free time, I watch clips of random stories from around the world whether it’s mythology, cultural beliefs, history, etc. By doing so, I believe I can expand my knowledge beyond what is taught in school and drive more into the topic I am interested in.

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