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Be Humble to Bumble Bees Poster

Bumble Bees

Bees are important pollinators of plants and crops which are our food source so without bees we might not be able to grow our food. But the sad news is that some species of bees such as the rusty-patched bumble bees are listed as endangered species. So what’s killing the bees are the chemicals people use on their plants such as pesticides, the destruction of the wild, and how the climate is getting warmer. Bumble bees prefer cooler weather. 


I created a poster that says “ be humble to bumble bees” and what I’m trying to communicate is that we should be respectful to bumble bees because without bees, humans will not exist. Another thing I want to add is that bumble bees are not aggressive which means they won’t try to sting you unless you try to harm them or their nest. They might land on your hand and you can also pet them on the soft fur on their back. So when you see one, you don’t have to be scared and run away because they don’t want to hurt you. Because for most bees, when they sting you they also give up their life. Just because they have a stinger doesn’t mean they will sting you. I wanted to raise awareness that these bees need our protection and respect because by doing so, we are also protecting ourselves. 

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