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Circlo Clothes Rental App

Circlo Clothes Rental

So I came up with an app to be used as a platform where people can rent out clothes from their closet and also shop for items from other people’s closet. This way, people’s desire for newness is satisfied but there’s no need for ownership. My app can range from anything from casual to formal wear because I realize that we spend money on casual outfits the most. The beneficial of having an app is that it's a lot more convenient because it loads faster, it stores your data, is more interactive and easier to use when contacting the person you’re renting from.


This project was created for an integrated design course called Circular Fashion Design. My focus for this circular fashion project is reducing waste and overconsumption. For consumers, the problems they are facing are having a crowded closet, not knowing what to do with good quality clothes they no longer want to or can wear, and spending too much money on something they will only wear once. Sadly, some of these items start to lose their values and end up in landfill. However, I also realize that people will never stop wanting or needing something new. I want to create something that will help them reduce the stress of finding more space and overcrowding their closet, or experiencing problems like change in their body shape and clothing size.


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