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Multilingual Font Typography Book

Multilingual Font

The topic that I chose was making a typography book on multilingual fonts. Multilingual fonts are fonts that are specially designed to handle the diverse characters found in multiple languages so your content will be accessible to an international 
audience. Multilingual fonts will keep your text in line with 
the rest of your design, without needing to spend your 
time designing character alternatives.

Sketches for the cover

Sketches for the cover

For our final project in Typography 1, we had to create a book that focused on typography and our area of interest. We were given about a month to work on this project ( Nov. 6- Dec. 8, 2021). We were restricted to only 8 pages plus covers and only black and white and one other color. Our final deliverable was a printed-out version of our book design and the size of the book was up to us to decide. 

The Final Layout

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