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How to Make Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is a traditional Laos food that has become popular in Thailand, especially in the Northeast region of Thailand ( aka E-san). Because this part of Thailand is neighbors with the Lao, people use Laos Language, eat Lao food, and adopt their culture. I grew up in this region of Thailand, which is why I’m very familiar with sticky rice.


For this infographic project, I wanted to use the water buffalo as a mascot because they played a huge role in helping Thai farmers to do the hard work of plowing rice fields, planting, and harvesting rice. The water buffalo has hoofs together making it look like the Thai greeting

(sawasdee ) gesture.  The woven bamboo border is a reference to the sticky rice bamboo container which is also held by the water buffalo at the end of the infographic. 

This infographic is going to live in Pinterest so the format is very long vertically. Also, I think it's appropriate to live in Pinterest because you can find a lot of " How to.." infographic in Pinterest.


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