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Suria Sunscreen Brand and Logo Design

Suria Sunscreen 

Suria is a facial sunscreen brand that helps young women feel more confident in their everyday lives. Suria encourages these ladies to apply sunscreen as a daily routine without the fear of it giving them any kind of irritation. This product is packaged in a cushion compact to minimize the contact between fingers and skin. It’s small enough to be carried around and reapplied throughout the day without ruining your makeup. Overall, Suria will prepare you when having to face the outside world.


Within a month, I was tasked to choose a product I wanted to do a brand and logo on. I first thought of using my name ( which means the sun in Thai) as a starting point for the project. Then I thought of what other Thai words could also mean the sun and I thought of "Suria". With that name, I decided on creating a sunscreen brand.


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