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Wine Fine: Internet Wine Bar

Wine Fine: Internet Wine Bar

Wine Fine Internet Wine Bar is a wine bar located in San Francisco, California. It is open from 4 pm-3 am and provides high-speed internet and computer access while serving quality wine. It wants to create a relaxing workspace for wine lovers to come in with productive minds and enjoy the wine simultaneously. It differentiates itself by offering free internet, computers, and printers set up in the bar. Wine Fine is set in the city and is a great place for young wine drinkers aged from 21 to mid-age of all gender, targeting middle to high-class who believe that wine is good for the heart and helps them relax as well as increase their creativity. Wine Fine wants to offer this new experience where people can enjoy wine and work.


In this branding project, I was tasked to generate ideas by combining two unrelated objects with similar shapes into a completely new brand. I chose grapes and wifi because out of all the ideas I generated, it has a strong visual and there's a potential to develop a unique brand. 


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